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Had my first reiki session with Lisa and can’t recommend it enough very relaxing and therapeutic, even fell asleep can't wait for next one.

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Steven UK

I had my first reiki session today and it was out of this world. The treatment was calming and relaxing and it was an unbelievable experience. Lisa is a lovely woman who made me feel so comfortable even with how nervous I was. I would highly recommend this treatment by Lisa and I will be going back 

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Jade UK

Had a cross tarot card reading from Lisa, it was all absolutely spot on, I had recently had some changes in my life and Lisa confirmed that I had made the right decisions( she knew nothing of me before the reading)
Lisa reads with a wonderful knowledge of the meaning of the Tarot cards but also with intuition and guidance from the spirit world. This makes Lisa able to give a really insightful reading.
I highly recommend Lisa. Thank you so much.

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Julia UK

After a 3-card mini reading this week, I decided to go for a full 10 card Celtic Cross reading, and I am blown away. The information was so insightful, details relating to my past and present were so accurate and there were a lot of positives to come out of the reading. I would definitely recommend, thank you so much! x

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Steph UK

Thank you for your card reading yet again you gave a true & accurate description of my thoughts & mind. So accurate & heartfelt. You have a gift.

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Paul UK

Had a card reading from Lisa. Was 100% accurate with everything that has been going on personally for me and has helped me come to terms with things better and also hold hope and faith for the future. Lisa is amazing and very respectful of her clients. I will be looking to book more readings & treatments in the future. 100% recommend. Thank you so much xxx

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Shellie UK
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Joanne UK

Had a card reading from Lisa was very accurate and made lots of sense would love to try some reiki in the future would highly recommend xx

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