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Lisa Langford my heart is bursting

A beautiful reading, yes loved us grandchildren living with him as youngsters

We had a little dog “lady” who used to sleep under my pram 

He did have a favourite chair beside the fire 

When he was in the forces, was sent to the coast when he witnessed the raids by air

Can also take Ireland as his ancestors came from there 

I can also take headaches and grandad had a stroke xx

As always thank you Lisa, fantastic reading xx

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Tracey UK

Well, where do I start! I had a 7-card career spread from Lisa and it was so accurate and insightful. Lisa went above and beyond, went in-depth and I felt covered so much. I've been really stuck recently, and Lisa's spread provided a lot of clarity. Not only that, her connection with spirit is fantastic, not only did my guide come through to her but two of my nan's who gave Lisa really accurate information. Really pleased with the reading and will absolutely be back for more in the future x

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Kelly UK

 Omg I've just had the most amazing and mind blowing reading from Lisa. She has absolutely blown me away. The things she told me were absolutely spot on. She totally clarified things that my Guides have said to me. I've got so much to look forward to, I've felt pushed in a certain direction and Lisa actuality brought up this exact direction up in my reading. I seen a tiger that I saw as a child Lisa also gave me a tiger in my reading also lions and birds and explained the meaning this all made sense to me. The evidence was amazing I am so excited to see how things unfold. She made me aware of things that I need to be aware of which also resonated with me and something that me Guides warned me about. She was spot on with absolutely everything. Big changes coming in. Bring it on I say, Thank you so much Lisa you have really lifted my energy today. You amazing in what you do. xxxxx

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 Kelsey UK 

Doreen UK

I accomplished my Reiki 1/2 was so enjoyable and life changing in many good ways. I was nervous but soon as I met Lisa the nerves went with Lisa lovely and caring nature. I wouldn't be where I am today if it was not for Lisa's help and further training nothing is a bother if we need to know anything Reiki wise. Lisa your one amazing lady. Thank you xxx

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I completed my level 1 Reiki with Lisa this year and my life has completely changed as a result of it. Lisa was an excellent teacher, she is honest, approachable and nothing is too much for her during my time with her. Lisa is an awesome teacher, she teaches with love,care and compassion along with a wicked sense of humor. If you train with Lisa you'll not regret it, its a game changer. x

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Alaina UK

I did my level 1 Reiki a couple of weeks ago. I travelled 2.5 hours just to have Lisa as my Reiki Master. She is so approachable even before I'd met her in person. Lisa is down to earth and for me I felt really at home in her company like she is someone from my soul group. The training was enlightening. I felt the change. It was informative, Lisa expalined all things that I may feel after, which a lot has happened. I will be back with Lisa to do my level 2 next year and will travel again as I dont feel I could do it with anyone else. xx

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Jade UK
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Debra UK

I did Reiki level 1 course a few weeks ago with Lisa and enjoyed the day. She clearly has a great love for her job and a calming presence. A very pleasant day. Thanks 

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