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This lady knows her cards she’s so accurate and on point. I’ve never met her but the reading she did for me over Facebook was incredible so accurate and in point 

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Lorraine UK

I have just had the most intuitive and insightful card reading. The reading resonated entirely with my current situation and offered the way to a resolution to find a path forward and be assertive and happier. I absolutely have no hesitation in recommending you have a reading.

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Vivien UK

I had a reading, that not only resonated with my current life but also brought up number synchronicities that i have been seeing recently.
I had a lovely in-depth card reading that was spot on thank you 🧡

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Hayleigh UK

Just had a mini reading, related so well to what was said. Very calm and nice reading felt some comfort from to and hopefully, the future is lighter and easier as the cards suggest. Thank you so much. fabulous x

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Sasha UK

The card reading from Lisa definitely resonated with me and made a lot of sense. I would definitely recommend and will return for hopefully some reiki and another reading.

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Karen UK

Lisa thank you. This completely resonates. As well as my Nan I do have another female ancestor who I see from time to time. I am certain you have picked her up. The description is also spot on. I’m v excited to know what else she will be sharing with me. Thank you for taking time to do this for me

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Sharon UK
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Katie UK

Always accurate, always on point. Always a delight to have a reading to see what's in story. Humour and intuitive, lots of spirits around her. Totally accurate and in tune. Amazing, gifted lady and am proud to have her as a mentor. Have learnt so much. Thoroughly recommend. Has an amazing gifts Always willing to offer help and advice.

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