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Spirit Animals & Meanings

Once you are ready to meet your spirit animal and welcome the energy into your life, you will know. Your life would of reached a point that you are thinking there’s so much more out there. Finding your spirit animal is an amazing experience and an utterly amazing spiritual awakening. You will be transported beyond the Earths physical planes and introduced to the world that lie in the spiritual realms. You will know in your soul when you are ready to connect to this realm. You will in time improve your relationship with your spirit animals.

My spirit animal is a great white horse he is beautiful in every way, he comes to me when I need to be brave and in need of some motivation, sometimes I need to be wild other times restrained he gives me all these qualities.


How Will Spirit Animals Change your Life?


You will have a heightened sense of courage that will help you move forward with your life.


Spirit animals know how to communicate with all people. They can make the shyest and most timid person bloom.


If you are making bad choices in life yet lack the strength to change, your spirit animal will help your inner power.


Everyone makes mistakes, but as long as we learn from them. Spirit animals have their own form of wisdom that they will share with you.

Your Spirit animal may choose to place physical clues that will help you find them and know that your connection was the right one. My spirit animal the great white horse would appear on the TV or films I was watching; I would see horses in the fields going to work (never noticed them before) people that I spoke to would start talking about their horses which I did not know they had at the time. He was trying to form a link with me, I would see the word horse and they would appear on my social media, I would see horses being carried in trailer on the roads as I was driving. It was very much the conformation that I needed at that time.

He would also come in my dreams, sprit animals love to talk to people when they are a sleep, this is because you are resting peacefully, you are open to trust your intuition and be less skeptical than when you are awake. The spiritual world know that as humans we need to take baby steps when accepting the presence of spirits.


The Qualities Spirt Animals Bring to Your Life

Below are some of the common spirit animals and what they can do for your spiritual health.


The immense strength of the bear can help you find your inner toughness. They are very much part of the earth being a healing force for the party. They will help you kind the grounding force that you can call upon when your feeling unsure. Bears are symbols of actions and leadership that will provide you with an iron will.


These beautiful creatures embody personal changes. Think of how they emerge from their pupae form and transform into colourful beings that can soar into the sky. If your spirit animal is a member of the Lepidoptera family, you have struck gold! They will help you implement changes in your life to allow you to transform and appear to soar above your problems.


Everyone knows cats are independent yet can be loving and faithful. This is true of cat’s spirit animals and that will bring curiosity, adventure and independence inro your psyche. They will also teach you the virtue of being patient.


This animal spirit is filled with contradiction. It can be viewed as the joker of the pack and will bring light-hearted energy and a sense of humour to your spirit. It represents the balance between humour and wisdom with a hint of playfulness. When a coyote appears in a physical form, they will project their foolish side to put your mind at ease.


This magnificent black creature is associated with mystery and enchantment. If you invite this bird to be your spirit animal, it will guide you towards a higher plan. Crows are also intuitive and will support you with your dreams.


These gentle graceful animals will seek to connect with humans who are sensitive and intuitive. They bring power and strength to your spirit and allow you to avoid danger. These fast-moving animals can cover large distance with grace and ease. They will impart these qualities to your inner spirit and aid you towards success.


Perhaps one of the most iconic spirit animals they represent harmony and peace. Their intelligence means they prefer to connect with humans who have inner strength yet have a calm and restful countenance. The dolphin spirit animal will protect those they are in tune with and help them find their natural peace and harmony.


These colourful creatures are renowned for their strong wings and multi-faceted eyes. This makes them adaptable and joyful at the same time. Those who connect with the dragonfly will experience a strong connection with nature, which will help them shine. Their true colours will emerge, and they bring their ability to transform their character.


Some people associate the fox with a cunning nature, but the spirit animal is quite different. They use their natural intuition to help humans deal with tricky situations. Their perception is naturally heightened and they bring a sense of awareness and guilt.


These spiritual animals will often connect with people who are required to have strong observation skills and be adept at seeing situations from various angles. Firefighters and other members of the emergency services will benefit from hawk liker wisdom and a sense of perspective. They help people to clear their vision and improve the power of focus.


This is the most motivational of all of the spirit animals. They bring a spirit of sexual energy, passion, and a taste for freedom. There are two forms of spirit animal represented by the horse, depending on what the human needs. They can appear as a wild being or more restrained force. Horses will bring a sense of privilege and entitlement to those who need a boost to their self-confidence.


These tiny creatures should not be overlooked due to their size. Even though they are the smallest form of birds, they have a huge presence. They have immense strength in their wings and are willing to share that strength with us humans. They are independent, joyful and filled with a sense of fun. If you connect to a hummingbird, you will immediately feel uplifted.


When you need a fighter in your corner, you turn to the spirit animal in lion form. While nature teaches that the lion can be lazy, spirit animals are quite different. They will bring you the courage to face your worst moments, they will advise when aggression maybe needed. If the lion appears to you without being call upon, it can mean your life is about to spiral out of control, they are offering you support at this crazy time.


In nature the Owl is often referred to as the upright wise, all-seeing creature with binocular vision. Their spiritual form brings similar gifts. They allow you to see past traditional barriers and get a clear picture. They are intuitive and wise and have an innate knowledge of deception. You can call on an owl spirit to help you.


While this bear soft appearance invites feelings of familiarity, the truth is more intense. Their tranquil stance and slow-moving strength fill their relationships with humans with a sense of gentle strength. They bring good luck and peaceful vibes to everyone who reaches out to them.


If you are lucky enough to have a panther as your spirit animal you will by protected by the fiercest of guardians. They bring a celestial force with their connections to dark moon night sky. Their liaisons are filled with powerful symbolism, and they can represent death and rebirth.


These gentle spirit animals will seek kinship with humans who have lost contact with their inner child. They feel their innocence and lack of guile leaves them open to societal pressure. The sheep’s presence indicates their need to return to simpler times and become a childlike version of themselves.


Many cultures respect the snake and its connection it has with life force. They recognize that a snake spirit guide can help you connect with your primal self and become energized by its force. Snake spirit animals will help you discover the right path to take when you need transition to another plane. The guidance will also include opportunities to heal along the journey.


With their amazing powers weaving a strong web from the flimsiest materials, they embody the female energy. This doesn’t mean they are exclusively available to women, as they are source of strength for both sexes. They connect with people who have the same creative skills and high receptivity. Spiders will teach you how to lay simple trap to catch your prey. This skill can be particularly useful when seeking a mate or defeating an enemy.


With its rolling gait and powerful haunches, the tiger is a magnificent beast governed by natural aggression. The spirit animal will also have a sense of personal power and help you connect to your inner feelings. It will teach you to trust your instincts and act on them swiftly. Tigers know that predictability can lead to disaster in the natural world, so they will help you adapt to the environment you find yourself in.


These strange looking birds represent the symbol of abundance. Often found representing times of plenty like Christmas feasts, their spiritual presence will bring you nourishment. This can be physical if you are recovering from an illness or in a mental sense, grieving. They bring you the recognition that you should nurture not just yourself but your community.


While they seem cumbersome on land, turtles are adept at traveling in water. This energy type will appeal to people who feel trapped in their earthly roles and seek freedom associated with nature. Turtle spiritual animals will bring emotional balance and the courage to move forward. They are also humble creatures that will only emerge when they feel they are needed. If you feel like the world is overwhelming you need to find a different life pace, you can call for the turtles help.


In the spirit world, the whale spirit animal is a bookkeeper of the earth. Its is tasked with recording all that happens on Earth and every interaction between living and spiritual beings. This is no simple task, so if a spiritual whale animal appears to you, its time to take a closer look at your life. The whale can communicate with all levels of beings, and is a natural historian. Use the skills they offer to become less dismissive of the truth, they presents could indicate that you need to open your eyes to the world around you.


Whenever spirit animals are discussed, one of the most iconic images is the mighty wolf with its magnificent coat and big eyes. The wolf is wild and feral and has an appetite for freedom. They can work in packs, but they are most effective on their own. The wolf will often appear to remind you to trust your instincts and rely on your intuition. They are aware of the power of social interaction but they will also remind you that isolation is not necessarily a bad thing.


These are some of the most represented spirit animals in the world of spirit but this list is no means exhaustive. The spirit animals’ physical aspects are often linked with the spiritual elements they bring.

Love & Blessings

Lisa x

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