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Always accurate reading's love what you do Lisa and the minute I've got spare money I'm going to have a paid reading from you. Everything you've told is spot on and I would definitely highly recommend you. Thank you for all the lovely free stuff you do. It's so appreciated. Sending lv and light to you xx

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Dianne UK

Lisa pulled a card for me, and I was blown away; not only did it resonate to me, but Lisa’s explanation and thoughts on what the card meant were clear and incredibly accurate. You are so talented Lisa and it’s a pleasure to know you and learn from you thank you so much for being a great teacher and sharing your knowledge with usxxx

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Acey UK

I've just received a message via the ancestor cards and the messages communicated were all spot on! Lisa you really have such a gift and the way you relay the messages you receive are so clear and said with such empathy and care! Thank you so much  x

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Alaina UK

Lisa gave me a chakra reading last night beautiful reading lots of laughs and even the Star card to finish absolutely spot on with information that she gave mam popped in to say as always, she's with me and helping my journey I will be singing in the car on the way to work! 6 am in the morning that'll wake me up! the info was spot on ending with a star card! Beautiful reading Lisa thank you so much.

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Andrea UK
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Jessica UK

Had a reading from Lisa, who had connected to my mum in spirit. Most of it was very accurate. Things that you couldn't just 'guess' and that no one knows but my family and me! The right-side pain was her liver, very uncomfortable for her. Me and mum always had cold hands and feet and used to laugh about it! (Poor circulation) every time we when for a walk in the evenings with my dog when we came down south (home) I would always point her up to the stars! I've always loved them. haha lots of camping holidays and so much time spent outdoors on lovely trips! I did one horse lesson, for a friend’s birthday party years ago! Recently said I'd like to have another go. She loved the nurses and that's a very mum thing to say to thank the nurses! Very much I can hear her saying it.


She brought us all lots of things to keep making us happy when we felt sad, each of us she brought lovely special things in the last 2 years. She gave me a glass robin and said when you feel sad pick him up and he will make you feel better. We all ALWAYS say what would mum say, what would mum say. That's very accurate she was great at advice. Not too sure about the back pain.


We all put all our energy into mum and the cancer, so didn’t think to take care of my illness. So, she’s right there. She always LOVED Christmas. And she loved when me and Tom were younger, especially around Christmas, tom did have a bike. Not too sure about the pram, I used to use mum one from when she was a little girl. And not sure about the necklace either, doesn’t ring any bells. We were always making mum and dad homemade cards and notes! I recently made her one for her birthday just over a month ago before she passed.


Thank you so much.

Lisa has once again nailed it! I am so happy that my uncle stepped forward. I had not seen him in a very long time. He did die in a motorcycle accident. He loved riding. He also did live life on the edge. Carefree. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol unfortunately his gf died later on (but I think she took her own life). My grandfather had Alzheimer’s and dementia and at one point had to be put in a nursing facility. I’ll have to ask my mom if it was heart related. Thank you so much Lisa!

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Lauren USA
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Acey UK

I just had a reading from Lisa and my Mum stepped forward, the details Lisa got from my Mum are things so small and personal to us both, that Lisa wouldn’t of known without talking to her. It brings me so much comfort that Lisa is able to pick up on these things and provide me with the most beautiful, emotional message from my mum and of course my dad too. It was so pure to know they are proud of me as I try and navigate through this world without them. Lisa, you’re amazing, not just as a teacher but with your gift x

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Roisin UK

had a reading from Lisa and my dad came through. wow, it was a fantastic reading. thank you so much.

the picture you’re talking about was the granddaughters first communion photo

and I wore a dress and make up for this. his mum has passed and a son that was born too soon

your right he loved to see his family growing he spoke about this frequently

I'm an odd sock person lol... I NEVER wear matching socks haha that’s so spot on he liked nothing better than to see his family growing. There is something about odd socks as well and he laughs about this. He's a joker and has not lost that since he took his passing. He talks about the Thomas in the family also just wanting to send his love.

Thomas is his son lol yes, he was so positive even when sick.

we do tell his funny stories lol and he loved his beard that's so funny. you have just described his personality to a tee. I really felt like he visited me... thank you for the confirmation excellent reading... oh Lisa thank you so much xxx

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